I need your help with my experiement….

January 22nd, 2015
Cocktail Tomatoes from Backyard Farms  in Maine

Cocktail Tomatoes from Backyard Farms in Maine

I am conducting an experiment to utilize the frozen local tomatoes in my freezer during the bleak mid winter.
If you liked the Bruchetta in a jar please taste:
– Winter Salsa- Bruchetta style
– Winter Bruchetta in a jar
These products are slightly different as they are not made from summer local tomatoes and have some different ingredients.
Please let us know what you think!

At the Weare & Contoocook Farmers Markets 4oz jars are available for many of the jellies,jams & marmalades. Come on down to the farmers markets and taste what we have to offer!

What to do with a pork shoulder for New Years Eve or anytime-updated

January 7th, 2015

posolePosole is the answer! It is a pork stew with hominy and can be hot or not. My husband and I first had Posole in Albuquerque New Mexico while visiting my best friend at Christmas time  close to 20 years ago. It can be soupy or more like a stew. You can use turkey,beef or lamb when making Posole and it can be made with red chili or green chili/Tomatillo.

It is best to braise the meat a day before and then put together the rest of the soup or stew. I have found a variety of recipes and they are all different. The condiments we serve with the Posole are cilantro,sour cream,red onion and lime wedges ,but you can add anything you want. Since it was New Years Eve we had Pomegranate-Ginger champagne cocktails using Fre Brut (alcohol removed Champagne) producing a slightly sweet and tart drink that went well with the Posole. Try it sometime I think you’ll like it!


Making Two Marmalades

December 10th, 2014
Sol Zest Mandarin Jewel Marmalade day 1

Sol Zest Mandarin Jewel
Marmalade day 1

This Morning I will process two marmalades using Clementine Cuties (from California and is made with Pomona pectin) & Sol zest Mandarin Jewels  . It is difficult to stay with local ingredients when you are making a citrus based marmalade, but I try to buy from orchards in Florida that picked only when the fruit is really ripe. The Jewels are the cross between the Temple Orange and the  Dancy Tangerine, thin-skinned, easy to peel, and virtually seedless. The taste difference between the two marmalades is that the Sol Zest has more of the bitter taste found in European marmalades .

grinding cranberries for cranberry orange relish

grinding cranberries for cranberry orange relish

I have all the ingredients ready to make cranberry orange relish which involves grinding the cranberries and the oranges are put through the food processor. Once the two ingredients are processed you need to squeeze out the excess liquid which give the relish it’s crunchy fresh texture.

Since the beginning of the canning season (middle of August) I have used 1,243 jars ,mostly 8 ounce and I still have 500 new jars on my shelves in the basement. This time of the canning season  I am not canning everyday or all day. This gives me time to do things like cleaning……….wrapping gifts …..cook ahead for the holidays, finish my holiday cards , wasting time playing Yahtzee on the computer and writing this blog. Back to Yahtzee!

I am very thankful for my neighbors and my mother in law……

November 30th, 2014
Thanksgiving Brioche with cranberries and crystalized ginger.

Thanksgiving Brioche with cranberries and crystallized ginger.

We lost power on Wednesday at 4pm and got our power back around 4pm on Thanksgiving day. We were lucky that we got our power back so quickly. We

Thanks Arthur Mountain for growing such a delicious turkey

Thanks Arthur Mountain for growing such a delicious turkey

are also blessed with awesome neighbors who had a generator and we cooked the 1/2 turkey on their grill. My mother in law was a trooper with the cold and lack of running water at our house. She stayed cheerful and was bundled up like the Michelin man, but she never complained. We did get our wood stove going, but we didn’t have much wood as we normally don’t use the stove. We tend to keep our house pretty cold, but we raised the heat to 63 and when we had power my mother in laws room had an oil heater to keep her toasty.

The snow was so heavy it was difficult to shovel and again our neighbors came to our rescue and lent us their extra snow blower, which made clean up easier. Despite the power outage we had a great thanksgiving thanks to the kindness of our neighbors and the positive attitude of my mother in law.

Out in the field on Thanksgiving morning

Out in the field on Thanksgiving morning

Grapes,Grapes and more Grapes!

November 6th, 2014

Grapes everywhere!

I discovered my farmer neighbor had a wonderful patch of Wild Concord Grapes. I stopped and asked her if I could pick them, if she wasn’t going to be using them. She told me to go ahead and pick all of them. By the time I was done I had picked 13lbs of wild grapes. Now I have more than a gallon 1/2 of grape juice to process into grape jelly ! One thing that is different with processing grapes is that after you drip the grape pulp you need to let the juice sit overnight to prevent formation of tartrate crystals in the jelly. I want to get as much out of the juice as possible so I am cutting the grape juice in half with home made apple pectin. Cutting the juice in half has two advantages: 1. It still tastes like grape jelly  2. I will be able to make more jars of jelly!

What to do with the cooking liquid from the last batch of beets?

October 18th, 2014
The whole felted piece with the Pickled beets

The whole felted piece with the Pickled beets

Of course I used it to dye some naturally felted hair/wool from our sheep. I added some vinegar to the warm beet cooking liquid and let it soak overnight. I  rinsed it in the morning and the felted piece turned a nice purple pink color! I was cooking the beets so I could pickle them,but it left me with large amounts of purple liquid and as I was going to dump the pot in the sink I had a brainstorm and poured it into a plastic bin. I have many pieces of cleaned felted pelts from our sheep, most have been removed from the sheep by snipping the pelt that is barely hanging on or sometimes the felted pelt is rubbed off on a low tree branch. I suspect that the felted coat makes them very itchy and the sheep will work very hard to remove it.

A sheep felted fleece transformed with vegetable dye!

A sheep felted fleece transformed with vegetable dye!

The majority of our sheep are hair sheep (Katahdin/Dorper X) ,but we do have some ewes who are wooly/hair crosses. The wool/hair combination leads to the increased possibility of having a felted coat and it means that every 2 or 3  years I have to have those girls shorn with the other wooly girls.




So much Produce………so little time!

October 9th, 2014
fall of 2014

fall of 2014

I have canned over 800 jars since August 2014………….I find it amazing that at the end of the last canning season I hadn’t even canned 650 jars. My canning season starts officially  in August and most often ends in May.  Right now I am finishing the tomato season  with slicing tomatoes that I will core,peel ,skin and cut them up to put in bags to make stewed tomatoes or Sweet tomato chutney during the late fall and winter. The freezer is full of bags of peaches  in syrup , strawberries ,raspberries,blueberries and cranberries . This week my husband and I have been canning local Hot peppers, making jalapeno jelly with mint and the last of the roasted pizza passata.

Fall is here!

Fall is here!

The sheep and goats always enjoy this time of year as they get all the fruit/vegetable pomace, veggie peelings and excess sweet pickling liquid. The Donkey is enjoying the fall as she loves to eat the oak and Hickory leaves.

I have a young laying hen who we had to take out of the hen house as she was getting picked on . I took her out when I found her with her head all bloody and she was trying to get to the water bowl. She had lost weight and I placed her in the basement in a small dog crate and she spent most of the first day drinking and eating. After two days I started letting her run around the barn and then would collect her in the evening. She comes when I call ” Miss Chicken” and she doesn’t particularly like the crate but she gets to eat when she is in there. She has finally healed up and I need to put her back in the coop, but I have to do it at night after the light has gone out in the hen house. This way the the other chickens will be more willing to accept her …we shall see.

I’m canning as fast as I can……….

September 22nd, 2014

Tomato Passata in the pan


So many veggies,so little time!

Late nights  and 582  jars so far and it’s only September 22nd….I have at least 400 jars left in the basement to fill before March 2015. I was lucky last week to receive 3 dozen ears of corn from our master gardener and made some excellent corn & zucchini relish (which I have never made before) and the leftover corn went into the freezer. I have picked over 30lbs of blueberries,20lbs of raspberries and 40lbs of strawberries. I now have a very local source for tomatoes to make roasted Pizza passata , tomato chutney and lemony tomato basil soup! My problem will be keeping up with the bounty! Working a job outside of the farm makes all day canning difficult.  I try to have some days that are just harvesting and prepping fruit and veggies and then 2 or 3 days of all canning ,trying to finish 3 to 5 different canning recipes.

Damson Plum preserves ready to can!

Damson Plum preserves ready to can!

All Day I have been roasting tomatoes,garlic,shallots and herbs in the oven ,while the top of the stove has a canner and a pot with Damson plum preserves in it and I am due to can it in 10 minutes! The bounty this week begins with  cucumbers and they  are just the tips of the iceberg,along with peppers to cut up and freeze and the apples to make apple marmalade tomorrow. I still have 12 lbs of tomatoes still to roast but my husband peeled all the garlic and shallots,I just need to use the mandolin to cut them thinly over the tray of tomatoes and herbs. I still have some plums & nectarines to make into  jams and preserves, which are delicious by the way! To all those canners out there………Stay Calm and keep canning.


Homemade Apple Pectin

September 2nd, 2014
Homemade apple pectin made with Wealthy apples

Homemade apple pectin made with Wealthy apples

If your interested in using homemade apple pectin,WE HAVE IT! The most recent batch of apple pectin was made with Wealthy apples from Gould Hill Farm in Contoocook, NH  . Homemade apple pectin gives jam and jelly a softer set and will hold the set for 10 months to 1 year. Use it when your recipe calls for liquid pectin.

Summer is coming to a close but the canning season is in full swing

August 24th, 2014
prepping for lemon pickle

prepping for lemon pickle

Canning season is in full swing! My husband and I have been picking blueberries and raspberries in the morning and then prep them for the freezer . After I typically start the canner and begin getting my ingredients together for the recipes I plan to can that day.. As I am prepping or canning  in the evening my husband and I are listening to the Red Sox games. I have to say that the results of my canning are turning out better than the Red sox  games have.

We have a farmer friend Joe Pustizzi who has honor system pick your own blueberries and raspberries. Picking blueberries this year is like picking grapes, so far we have picked 30lbs of blueberries. We are hoping to pick another 20lbs and  Joe planted a variety of blueberry bushes that will ripen right  into the fall which gives us a longer window in which we can harvest the berries,Thanks Joe!

spring 2014-so hopeful!

spring 2014-so hopeful!

I will leave you with a sad note…….our pear tree, we have very few pears this year,maybe 50 …….so sad to see the tree so empty. I am assuming that when  the tree bloomed it was too cold for the pollinators and then we had a heavy rain that wiped out the blossoms leading to  fewer pears. So there won’t be any pear preserves or jam, but I  do still have 15 pints of pickled pears for sale! Remember there is always next year…so keep your fingers crossed.