The Latest News

We have redesigned the CSA and enrollment period is Open! Our CSA combines variety, planning and value – read all about it here!

Mary has been in the canning kitchen solid for a while. We have many old favorites (especially marmalades) and some new  preserved goodies as well!

Beef, pork and chicken are all in good supply but if you want something specific, communicate to make sure we don’t sell yours to somebody else.

With death , life follows

Mabel in 2014
Liberty and Hope 1st lamb of 2016/17
Our oldest dog Mabel left us peacefully at home on 12/27/16 and on Wednesday morning our first ewe lamb was born. Her name is Hope and her mother is named Liberty. Today a ram lamb was born to Liberty’s older sister named Hilarious .. her son is going to be called Witty.

We have improved our CSA

CSAs for meat are a little tricky. For example, explaining our “no mystery cuts” assurance is best done in person. We also have more flexibility in our program than most – don’t hesitate to talk to us with any questions and suggestions!

The meat CSA is designed to give you the variety, flexibility and value to meet modern tastes in an economical way.  By working together, we can meet your eating requirements while making Webster Ridge function better.

Here is a chart of typical contents for the three current size offerings:

Cut (all in pounds) Small Medium Large
Ground Beef 2 3 4
Stew 1 2 2
Sirloin Steak 1.25 1.25 1.25
Chicken 4.5 4.5 4.5
Pork Chops 1 2 2
Ground (Sausage or plain) 1 1 2
Bacon 1 1 1
(Pork and/or Beef) Braise or Oven Roast N/A 2.5 2 @ 2.5

Our CSA ranges from $95 to $155 per month, in 3 month increments. By signing up for 3 months, you help us to predict and meet demand.  We give you a discount from retail prices and you get convenience,  menu planning and Webster Ridge Quality.

The expectation is that you are pretty much finishing last month’s share when you pick up this month’s share.

Chicken, 2016

The first batch will be ready early June.

My target weight is a little light at 4 to 4.5 pounds.  We push them up a little later in the season.

I am considering offering chicken fresh (not frozen) at some of the markets. If this sounds interesting, please write or talk to me – I will only do it if there is enough interest.

Top Sirloin

Top Sirloin – Gently Broiled

We just finished tasting a new batch of Top Sirloin Steaks. I know – but somebody has to do it…

Very nice.  Great flavor. Tender. Very lean.


We got these especially for the CSA.  But we do have some left over – first come first served.  Call us or see us at the markets!

Good Food

Good Food = Local Food
All local,:beans & pork from the freezer and sweet potatoes stored in the cellar

(This is an introduction to an extended series.)

Good food has become a cliché – talked about as entertainment but not part of our day-to-day lives. Cooking on TV has gone nuts. Even I have gotten roped in by those 5 way pastry competitions. I am here to tell you that eating is not competition. Cooking shouldn’t be either. Continue reading Good Food

Good Food II

Since we do so much eating, we might as well get it right.  Though neither of us has much in the way of formal training, we think we know what we are doing in the residential/semi-pro kitchen.  We are not interested in production line cooking, though efficiency and effectiveness are always appropriate.  A strong sense of mise-en-place works even for boiling water!

Continue reading Good Food II