60 lbs of Strawberries in the freezer!

July 21st, 2015
Strawberry season was very successful thanks to my wonderful husband!

Strawberry season was very successful thanks to my wonderful husband!

I have to thank my husband for picking and preparing  60lbs of strawberries for freezing!!!!!!! There should be Strawberry Balsamic jelly and Strawberry jam very soon! But cucumbers are starting to come in and making pickles may move to the top of the canning list!

See you at the Markets!

This week the Friday and Saturday Farmers Markets go outside!

May 31st, 2015
Summer Markets begin!

Summer Markets begin!

The weekend rain has been welcome and needed, but I am glad that the predictions for the first days of the summer markets will be sunny and in the 70’s.


Weare Farmers Market:

order ahead and pick up at the Summer Market (June 5th, 2015 – Oct 16th, 2015):

The Gazebo in Center Park, next to Weare Middle School intersection East Rd and N Stark Hwy across from the Weare Center Store

3-6:00 PM Fridays

Contoocook Farmers Market-(At the train depot in Contoocook,NH)

2015 Summer markets-order ahead:

Saturdays 9 am to Noon

June 6th, 2015 – October 31st, 2015

Hope to see everyone there!

When you “the farmers market shopper” don’t buy our eggs……….

May 21st, 2015
When eggs are not bought at the Saturday market we make egg salad!

When eggs are not bought at the Saturday market we make egg salad!

We make egg salad.

Now I love egg salad, but I would prefer to have customers buy the eggs. We get enough eggs, due to an egg  not being perfect or cracked. So don’t forget to buy eggs at the next market and come early so you get all the eggs you want!

Don’t get me wrong I love eggs and I cook with them all the time. But once you are use to fresh eggs, having a box  of uncooked eggs in the fridge for more than a week  just feels wrong. So make the red hens happy and don’t forget  your box of incredible, edible eggs!

One of our red hens

One of our red hens

Jams, Jellies, Preserves ,Marmalades & Fruit Syrups are not just for breakfast !

May 12th, 2015

This time of year all of us are looking for a different method of marinating meat for grilling.  These suggestions come from my own experience  so I am not always going to give you a complete recipe. This is a teaser to help you move out of your cooking comfort zone.

lemony blueberry lavender marmalade

lemony blueberry lavender marmalade

1. This Marinade will make your lamb taste fabulous! Marinate covered in the fridge for 2-3hrs before grilling.

-Use a Jelly with mint  or rosemary(1/2 cup) ,  mix with a red wine vinegar & red wine(1/4c each),add some Dijon mustard and fresh chopped rosemary(2 Tbsp each) .

2. Use this Sesame Plum Sauce for glazing chicken or pork. Serve it warm and use as a dipping sauce for meatballs,

dipping sauce

dipping sauce

won tons or spring rolls. -Use red plum jam,damson plum preserves,Spiced Plum syrup or sweet Red Plum Sauce(1Cup), mix with Soy sauce ,lime juice, Chile paste(2 Tbsp each), Minced fresh ginger(1 tsp) and sesame oil(1/2 tsp). Mix in a small saucepan,heat gently over low heat(to prevent burning) just till the sauce bubbles.

Meat loaf my Dad would love!

Meat loaf my Dad would love!

3. Meatloaf can be boring, but if you add 1/2 c of  Sweet tomato chutney to the mix, you can make your meatloaf moist and fabulous. I have always used the Fanny Farmer Cookbook (twelfth edition) recipe for meatloaf but I use rolled oats instead of bread crumbs and I don’t use Worcestershire  sauce. I usually double the recipe and put one cook meatloaf in the freezer for later!

4. Make sweet potato fries and serve with Sweet tomato chutney.

5. For a tasty dessert, especially before the local fruit comes into season. You can make a plain cheesecake(ricotta or cream cheese based) and before you put it in the oven ,swirl warmed jam , jelly  or fruit syrup through the cheese cake in the pan. You can warm  jam or marmalade and spread it on the top of the cooked cheesecake.

recipe from the 1999 edition of Family circle favorite recipes

recipe from the 1999 edition of Family circle favorite recipes

6. Take a plain cake and add warmed jam or preserves to a butter cream or whipped cream filling. Spread the mixture between the layers or spread the warmed jam between the layers.  Take a “Cake Pan”cake (mix cake right in the pan) baked,but still warm and use a toothpick and to put holes all over the cake. Take the warmed jelly ,jam or fruit syrup and pour it over the cake.

We will miss Ring Ding

May 2nd, 2015

Our last Goat Ring Ding passed away  this week, she was 11+ years old, she was the prettiest goat we had . Ring was an aloof kind of goat, but near the end she was very accepting of any love and affections she got. . But no more goats for us…just sheep. So rest in peace goaty girl.

We will miss you!

We will miss you!

Lemony Blueberry Lavender Marmalade is on the way!

April 26th, 2015
lemons & lavender

lemons & lavender

Lemony Blueberry Lavender Marmalade before I added the sugar

Lemony Blueberry Lavender Marmalade before I added the sugar

lemony blueberry lavender marmalade

lemony blueberry lavender marmalade before it goes into the canner













As I  write this post there is a pot of marmalade (within my line of sight) that should be ready to can soon. I am on batch #2 of 2 and each batch should  produce 8-10 (8oz) jars. I use this marmalade to top my favorite Ricotta Pie or in the center of a muffin. Come to the market and try this delicious marmalade .

The Kitchen is HOT!!!!!

April 19th, 2015
Ready to can!

Ready to can!

I am canning Blueberry syrup, starting Lemony Blueberry Lavender Marmalade and thawing frozen tomatoes to make the winter version of Lemony Tomato Basil Soup!

*********Reminder : We will not be at the Contoocook Winter Market on April 25, 2015**********

Reminder : We will not be at the Contoocook Winter Market on April 25, 2015

April 17th, 2015
how I feel this morning......

We are sad that we have to miss a market!

Due to a scheduling glitch we will not be at the Winter market on April 25th at the Hopkinton town hall. If you need preserves,meat,eggs or chicken the following week you need to talk to us at this weeks market ,call or email us to arrange pick up at the farm or on the 24th at the Friday Weare winter market at the old town hall from 4-6pm.

2 1/2 weeks ago it looked like winter had returned……..but not any more!

April 15th, 2015
It was starting to get green............not now March 29th,2015

March 28th,2015-It was starting to get green…..but by March 29th,winter had returned .

On Saturday the 28th of March as my husband and I were tending to a ewe with her newborn lamb the snow started

the same crocus in the sunshine

They’re Back!! We had 2 days of 60 degrees and the crocus have begun to bloom!

coming down in huge flakes. The snow stuck to the trees and to the ground where there was snow cover. But by the afternoon, the sun had tried to come out. Yet that evening the wind was back up, blowing in more cold air and left 5 inches of snow behind. I was getting really tired of the cold and couldn’t  wait to see mud and the shoots of green appearing in the garden and in the trees,when the snow appeared that Saturday. That was 2 1/2  weeks ago and now there are only a couple of snow piles and is 60+ degrees . The water is running high in the stream, the birds are making nests ,the lambs are lounging in the the sun,no biting bugs and there is hardly any muddy ground.  Although all the night time creatures are back out as I discovered 2 nights ago . It was a very dark night when I came out of the barn  after feeding the bottle lambs. My only light was my head lamp(which needed new batteries)  and  that is when I stepped on a weasel(a short,skinny weasel)who was just as surprised as I was and took off through my legs  into the back yard. I think he/she was hunting the mice that tend to live in the wood pile that is at the foundation of our first barn. I just feel lucky it wasn’t a skunk as there was a dead one across the road the next morning.


Winter is starting to release it’s grip

March 18th, 2015
I know it's spring when I see the Junco's

I know it’s spring when I see the Juncos

It is amazing what you can see while walking the dogs in the winter on the road or in the woods . We have seen a flock of turkeys, a flock of cedar waxwings under an apple tree pecking at the frozen apples and an Ermine(a Stoat in it’s winter coat) which the dogs found very interesting.

Winter can be very depressing .So when I see Junco’s along the road I know the snow is receding.  That means the green of spring is not far behind!