You never know what you will find when you go out our front door!

fall of 2011

For the last couple of days we have had our sheep,goats, donkey and chickens in the front yard. To get to the mailbox , walk the dogs or get to my car I needed to step over the electro net portable fencing. Now as you would expect from the description that the fence is electrified…..Unfortunately for a couple of days a small portion of the fence was not electrified. But we fixed the glitch and now it gives quite a good shock ,as the dogs ,my husband and I will attest too!

But more frightening is going out the front door (we don’t have a back door at the moment) with fruit or veggies on trays that are destined for the freezer and then getting mobbed by every animal on the farm who believes that what you are carrying  is for them! Our sheep are not shy……they see me and assume I have food for them, especially during canning season,so my problem is understandable,but this situation is only temporary.

Monday morning we moved the mob to the back yard in between the house and the greenhouse . We will rotate their pasture every 2 to3 days as they mow the lawn, the edge of the road and eat the taller weeds,poison ivy,creeper and golden rod! I haven’t mowed the lawn in a couple of years, but yes we do have to weed whack the plants that the mob doesn’t like to eat, but that is much easier than mowing the lawn!

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