When Thanksgiving and Hanukkah intersect………….

We will have a second Thanksgiving with our neighbors on Saturday!
We will have a second Thanksgiving with our neighbors on Saturday!

We are not going to be home for Thanksgiving this year and are going to Brandon’s relatives in Massachusetts. Because of the distance we are travelling we are bringing items for the relish tray ,plus applesauce. I plan to bring one of the jars of Fiery Cranberry chili Relish to spice up the meal ! I am bringing rolls that I have made in advance and will take them from the freezer so they can rise in the car while on route and be able to go in the oven when we arrive.

On top of the canning and holiday cooking I have friends who celebrate Hanukkah and I have less than a week to get some packages off….I can’t find my Christmas cards much less where I hid all the Hanukkah and Christmas gifts…………..Help!!!!!!!!!

Since we won’t be home for Thanksgiving we¬† are only getting 2 turkeys from our farming friend Arthur Mountain. We just recently used the last of the three turkeys we purchased last year. This year we will only cook 1/2 a bird on the Saturday after Thanksgiving with our neighbors! But it will still be delicious and having big holiday meals with our neighbors are so much fun,plus my mother in law will be here as well !

Remember to be thankful not just for the food but for family,friends,spouses and partners…don’t take them for granted and let them know how you feel!

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