We had more than a foot of snow…………. Time to make Pork Ragout with polenta!

It isn’t that cold,but working outside makes me hungry! I am using a recipe from the Williams-Sonoma  cookbook called ” Cooking At Home”(pg.293) and  I used pork Kabobs  from our freezer . I used White Balsamic vinegar  instead of Balsamic vinegar and didn’t add the dried tomatoes ,as I don’t have any. The recipe I am putting in this blog is from Food.com and it is the same recipe as in the Williams-Sonoma cookbook. For some reason Williams-Sonoma website does not like my web browser and complains , it makes it very difficult to give you the recipe directly from them. I made a marmalade cake and of course I didn’t follow the directions, but it looks good,we will see how it tastes…………. The recipe is from the New York times and made my Melissa Clark. I should have watched the video while I was making the cake, but I was too busy with the stew……….oh well, I’ll let you know how it turned out!

Update 2/18 :The cake was pretty good, maybe next time I can follow the directions!  The Pork Ragout was very tasty but I wouldn’t cut the pieces as small the next time and cook longer till it falls apart.

Looking outside our front window
Looking outside our front window

As I write, it is snowing again and we expect to get 6-8 inches. The difference between this storm and  the one last Thursday is  the heaviest snow  will fall over a 6-8 hr period(1pm-7pm) . I am still helping my former bottle baby with her lamb Snow. The lamb is getting some milk but not enough to make her fat. I really don’t want to bottle feed her,but we may still have to supplement her once or twice a day for a while.

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