The Chicks are Here!!!!!!!!!!! We will have lamb and eggs at the Weare Winter Market!!

chick Pictures from 2 yrs ago
chick Pictures from 2 yrs ago

*Please note: Sorry for the inconvenience but we will not be at the Contoocook market 4/26 & 5/3-But I will be at The Weare Winter Market 4/25 & 5/2 or you can arrange to pick up at the farm- I will have eggs with me on 4/25 & 5/2 at the Weare Market!

The Meat chicks are here and soon the egg layer chicks will arrive! The picture on the left is from 2 yrs ago when we had a very early warm spring and we could start the chicks in an outdoor pen. This year we need to start them in the hen house on the north side of the house.
Due to the predation problem ( aerial  and weasel type predators) we have to raise the chicks in the hen house. But once they get bigger we can let them out onto the grass in an enclosure and close them back in the hen house at night to keep them safe.

The lambs are growing in leaps and bounds! But the fields are greening very slow due to the latest cold snap. With the nice weather(some of the time) all the animals  are getting restless to get out in the fields and are trying to escape through any opening possible. We have the electric fencing up and  running but only in a limited area. Once the ground dries out a bit we will start stringing up permanent wire fencing. I am hoping to get more fencing up before the tick population takes off.

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