Signs of Life

We are major planting long term crops this year.  This is the first year we are looking further into the future than tomatoes and peppers.   100 asparagus plants ( 100 more each of the next 2 years). Raspberries. Planning replacement pear trees.

When we planted the strawberries 3 weeks ago, I gave the slimy little things a 40% chance. Well today the first bloom appeared. They’re still small but they are going to produce well, starting next year.  Meanwhile we are researching the great shortcake controversy:  Angelfood or Biscuit.  This is an important  thing and we want to get it right.  Reputations are at stake.

The sawdust blocks that Karen spread under the straw didn’t impress me. But fungushood is powerful. Dunno how big the little boogers need to get but they ARE getting!

We are now waiting for beets, turnips, garlic scallions, onions, kale, brussels sprouts and shallots to show signs of life.  We still haven’t planted the tomatoes, peppers and beans…

Tomorrow I gotta break up the sawdust blocks a little more – the chunks are too big.  And bury some more asparagusses.


New Raspberry PlantWe planted raspberries a week ago.  Many of the canes were sprouting leaves already.

They take patience – the fruit grows on canes that grew last year so we won’t see any until next year, provided the fence is strong enough to keep out the bear.New Raspberry Plant

I figure they should do well – the area was covered with wild ones until the goats moved in.  So on-purpose ones should thrive.

My master gardener conspires to cover the landscape with specialty crops – Asparagus, Strawberries, Raspberries.  Every week a new surprise.

My Father-In-Law was a bramble grower – had 12 varieties early, late, everbearing, red, black, yellow –  strung out on wires.  Bought cloned stock from a fancy place near home.  Mary’s dog used to pick them when he wasn’t looking.  Sometimes when he was…