New Raspberry PlantWe planted raspberries a week ago.  Many of the canes were sprouting leaves already.

They take patience – the fruit grows on canes that grew last year so we won’t see any until next year, provided the fence is strong enough to keep out the bear.New Raspberry Plant

I figure they should do well – the area was covered with wild ones until the goats moved in.  So on-purpose ones should thrive.

My master gardener conspires to cover the landscape with specialty crops – Asparagus, Strawberries, Raspberries.  Every week a new surprise.

My Father-In-Law was a bramble grower – had 12 varieties early, late, everbearing, red, black, yellow –  strung out on wires.  Bought cloned stock from a fancy place near home.  Mary’s dog used to pick them when he wasn’t looking.  Sometimes when he was…