Remember the farmers markets don’t end on Labor Day!

Our Friday Winter Farmers Market is at the Weare  town hall 4-6:30pm and on Saturday The Contoocook winter farmers market  is located in the warehouse behind the main building of Gould Hill Orchard 10-1pm. We had a good crowd on Saturday and hope to see more of you at the Market. You have to remember that fresh local food doesn’t stop being produced  on Labor day , what you find to buy after labor day is a little different. You will see more winter greens, root veggies , winter fruits,mushrooms plus vendors will be selling meat,poultry,raw milk,breads,sweets and preserved foods .

all local,beans& pork from the freezer and sweet potatoes stored in the cellar

We hope you will try what we have preserved  with the bounty that the farms and farmers markets have to offer. But you too can preserve what you buy,giving you the ability  to have local green beans in the middle of February. Start small and give preserving a try, it is worth the effort and the results tastes delicious! With a little planning during the growing season you can freeze,dry or can the tastes of summer/fall.  There are too many books to mention on preserving methods like drying, freezing and canning. It is best to borrow or go on line and find the book that doesn’t overwhelm you,but inspires you to give preserving a try.

I buy beets in the late fall and cook them till they are just tender. I slip off the skins and cut them into small cubes or thick slices that I freeze in ball freezer containers .Once thawed I can then use them hot or cold for salads or as they are as a side dish. This time of year citrus is very plentiful and beets,citrus and goat cheese make a great salad. You can also add a bitter greens  to the salad to make a great light lunch.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the food we produce or how to prepare it, we would be glad to help you to enjoy your locally produced food!


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