Picked 4 1/4 lbs of Raspberries this afternoon!

berry_16047_mthIt was supposed to rain today, but it ended up being a beautiful day ,bright ,warm and sunny. After the farmers market I went to pick Raspberries at Pustizzi Fruit Farm in Boscawen NH and I will go back tomorrow if the weather holds to pick blueberries. I love picking berries at Joe’s , it is relaxing and most of the time I am the only one who is picking. So I pump up the tunes on my MP3 player and pick till I  reach 7lbs for blueberries and at least 2lbs for raspberries.

Nectarines in Raspberry syrup (Compote)
Nectarines in Raspberry syrup (Compote)

I stopped at Richardson’s on my way home  to get tomatoes and a quart of their home made Vanilla Ice cream, which I am planning to eat soon with some of the Nectarine Raspberry compote.

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