Making Two Marmalades

Sol Zest Mandarin Jewel Marmalade day 1
Sol Zest Mandarin Jewel
Marmalade day 1

This Morning I will process two marmalades using Clementine Cuties (from California and is made with Pomona pectin) & Sol zest Mandarin Jewels  . It is difficult to stay with local ingredients when you are making a citrus based marmalade, but I try to buy from orchards in Florida that picked only when the fruit is really ripe. The Jewels are the cross between the Temple Orange and the  Dancy Tangerine, thin-skinned, easy to peel, and virtually seedless. The taste difference between the two marmalades is that the Sol Zest has more of the bitter taste found in European marmalades .

grinding cranberries for cranberry orange relish
grinding cranberries for cranberry orange relish

I have all the ingredients ready to make cranberry orange relish which involves grinding the cranberries and the oranges are put through the food processor. Once the two ingredients are processed you need to squeeze out the excess liquid which give the relish it’s crunchy fresh texture.

Since the beginning of the canning season (middle of August) I have used 1,243 jars ,mostly 8 ounce and I still have 500 new jars on my shelves in the basement. This time of the canning season  I am not canning everyday or all day. This gives me time to do things like cleaning……….wrapping gifts …..cook ahead for the holidays, finish my holiday cards , wasting time playing Yahtzee on the computer and writing this blog. Back to Yahtzee!

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