2 1/2 weeks ago it looked like winter had returned……..but not any more!

It was starting to get green............not now March 29th,2015
March 28th,2015-It was starting to get green…..but by March 29th,winter had returned .

On Saturday the 28th of March as my husband and I were tending to a ewe with her newborn lamb the snow started

the same crocus in the sunshine
They’re Back!! We had 2 days of 60 degrees and the crocus have begun to bloom!

coming down in huge flakes. The snow stuck to the trees and to the ground where there was snow cover. But by the afternoon, the sun had tried to come out. Yet that evening the wind was back up, blowing in more cold air and left 5 inches of snow behind. I was getting really tired of the cold and couldn’t  wait to see mud and the shoots of green appearing in the garden and in the trees,when the snow appeared that Saturday. That was 2 1/2  weeks ago and now there are only a couple of snow piles and is 60+ degrees . The water is running high in the stream, the birds are making nests ,the lambs are lounging in the the sun,no biting bugs and there is hardly any muddy ground.  Although all the night time creatures are back out as I discovered 2 nights ago . It was a very dark night when I came out of the barn  after feeding the bottle lambs. My only light was my head lamp(which needed new batteries)  and  that is when I stepped on a weasel(a short,skinny weasel)who was just as surprised as I was and took off through my legs  into the back yard. I think he/she was hunting the mice that tend to live in the wood pile that is at the foundation of our first barn. I just feel lucky it wasn’t a skunk as there was a dead one across the road the next morning.


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