Grapes,Grapes and more Grapes!

Grapes everywhere!

I discovered my farmer neighbor had a wonderful patch of Wild Concord Grapes. I stopped and asked her if I could pick them, if she wasn’t going to be using them. She told me to go ahead and pick all of them. By the time I was done I had picked 13lbs of wild grapes. Now I have more than a gallon 1/2 of grape juice to process into grape jelly ! One thing that is different with processing grapes is that after you drip the grape pulp you need to let the juice sit overnight to prevent formation of tartrate crystals in the jelly. I want to get as much out of the juice as possible so I am cutting the grape juice in half with home made apple pectin. Cutting the juice in half has two advantages: 1. It still tastes like grape jelly¬† 2. I will be able to make more jars of jelly!

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