What’s Growing at Webster Ridge?

Spring is here and the rains have finally arrived,creating a blooming green explosion!
Lot's of mixed greens
Finally they have appeared!

We are happy to report our asparagus bed is showing signs of life! The raspberry bushes that had an unintended haircut last fall are coming back and hopefully will bear fruit next year. The green house is showing it’s colors, not just green,but yellow and a variety of reds are visible.

I stopped by the greenhouse after I fixed the fence where the sheep had escaped and Karen (our master gardener) was planning to pull up all the beets planted in the fall,as they were going to seed. I started to help her and came up with  a very nice baby beet. I asked Karen if she wanted the beets and she said no, so I filled  a large bucket.

I will deal with the beets later as I need to start the spare ribs from Phoenix Hill Farm (Boscawen ,NH) marinating . The recipe is called“Tuscan-Style slow roasted spareribs with Balsamic Glaze”. I found it on line at yummly and it sounded like a winner. We will have roasted sweet potatoes and a salad (the beets are for tomorrow!).

The canes survived their haircut!

Using a new Cookbook-Great Italian 3 bean Minestrone Soup!

Italian 3 Bean(2 in this picture) Minestrone Soup

The cookbook is called“Make- ahead meals made Healthy” by Michele Borboa,M.s. .

Try Make-ahead meals made Healthy!

I followed the the recipe mostly, but of course I used what ingredients were in my freezer or pantry. Instead of Turkey sausage ,I substituted PT farms Breakfast sausage ,which I added some plain bread crumbs, Aleppo pepper and one egg yolk(our own eggs). I made little meatballs that I cooked separately and drained  before I put them in the soup. I substituted our own stewed tomatoes for plain canned tomatoes and I didn’t add green beans as I was planning to freeze the left overs. I like my green beans a little crunchy so I add them only when the soup is almost ready to be served.

The soup is delicious and very filling! Now I have a number of meals ready in the freezer for those days/nights I don’t have time to cook!

I just love Meatloaf!

Meat loaf my Dad would love!

Tonight I made meatloaf with  PT farm ground beef and our ground lamb! I used crushed Herbes de provence with sea salt and added that to oatmeal and bread crumbs. I mixed that with the 2 meats (2lbs total) ,2 of our eggs  and some prepared mustard. I made two small meat loafs and 1 is going in the freezer for another meal. My Dad would be proud of me, he loved meat loaf too. The only thing I didn’t put in it was the 1/2 cup of milk………oh well,next time.

Happy cooking and see you at the Markets!

Making Tonight’s dinner using local ingredients!

Our Mexican Beef kabobs and veggies Marinating!

I am making Mexican Beef Kabobs using kabob beef from Pete Roy(PT Farms),the marinade has local

Ricotta Pie with my own Clementine Marmalade

Organic Garlic bits from Harvest Bounty farm in Tilton, NH. Unfortunately limes,balsamic vinegar,cumin ,Mexican oregano and olive oil are not native to NH. I also marinated the veggies (Onions,red & orange peppers) and I will cook them separately from the meat. It is  windy today and there is a red flag  fire warning  so I will be cooking inside using the broiler instead of the barbecue. We will have a wild rice mix and a salad with greens from our hoop house, plus the leftover Ricotta Pie for dessert. The Ricotta pie was made with our own eggs and topped with my own  Clementine Marmalade.  The meals later in the year will have more local ingredients!

My after meal report:

The meal was good, but the meat needed more salt in the marinade. The pan grilled marinated veggies were excellent and the rice and salad were very tasty. But no pie, as we are too full!

Very Spicy Greens


It is spring but the Friday Weare Winter Market is still going,come on over!

Look at the spring rainbow!

Finally we are having some rain….not much,but some rain is better than none! We had a lovely rainbow this evening  and everything is starting to get green. For the Weare Market this Friday 4/13 and  4/27 I will be bringing lamb legs, chops & stew. It is still chilly and we all need comfort food , so I will bring  beef kabobs, oxtail, bacon ,ham steaks and breakfast sausage. I will have an assortment of  pickles,relish,salsa,ketchups, jams,jellies and marmalades. You can taste before you buy,so don’t be shy and come on down,taste the local difference!

Come visit – look through our freezers for Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken!

You can enjoy naturally raised and processed meats year-round!

Find that perfect holiday roast or something for the grill. From chops and roasts

The king of roasts
Standing Rib Roast

to bacon and soup makings, we have a wide variety of cuts for any occasion.  All our meat is humanely raised, naturally on pasture.

We also offer a variety of  pickles, preserves and condiments.

Mary specializes in unusual preserved items – from Pickled Pumpkin & Pickled Pears to Sweet Tomato Chutney. Taste new traditional treats such as Tomato Preserves, Blueberry Plum Basil Jam, Zany Zucchini Marmalade and Spicy Cranberry Pepper Ketchup!  Who knew you could find so many good things in anyone’s basement!  Come taste!  Of course you can walk  around the farm with us and meet Sparkle the Donkey.  But don’t forget your boots!

Retail and Bulk quantities available.

Thick Cut Bacon

We know our cuts and can help you cook anything.

We can help you get the cuts you want and a few gems you may not know about.


Ask if you don’t see what you want!

New Lamb and Beef are here!

I just got reminded that I have not posted in a while and we do have some new stock.

Lamb:  we have limited variety of cuts, including legs, chops and a few shoulder roasts. As you may know, our lamb tends towards small and mild.  It also tends towards out of stock…

I also have a nice run of steaks – T-Bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin and Round, as well as some tenderloin.  And plenty of the best ground beef available.

Of course we also have lots of pork chops, roasts, chickens, bacon and preserves.

Contoocook Holiday Market This Sunday!

We’ll see you at the Train Station in the center of Contoocook at the Holiday Farmers Market.

We will have:

Preserves (Sweet Tomato Jam for Breakfast, various Pear Relishes, plus, plus, plus) – Mary promises – nothing normal!

Meat – Roasts, bacon, chickens, steaks and more.

Coffee – Sean’s best ( UNTA! )

There will be lots of other things as well.  Many of your favorite summer vendors will be there!

Yes, We Have No Turkeys!

Sorry – none.  We reserved ours, from a fellow producer, in August.  We were almost too late.

I have considered doing turkeys again.

Con: trying to lift 60 pounds of dead, wet turkey out of the scalder in cold wet weather.  Hand picking because my plucker cannot nearly do the job.

Pro: they are profitable, very efficient, taste great.

But I would not order any more than I have sold by the end of June.

I’m thinkin.

Watch this space – I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I mean it.  We have none for 2010.