What is Pastured Poultry?

I finally got my first batch of broilers on the field.  They’ve been in the hen-house, protected from the cold spring and the wind and rain.  But it was time for them to get some space.Red Feathered Broiler

The hangup was getting the new hi-tec shelter done.  Well, I am here to say that  $16 worth of electrical conduit,  2 10′ 1×6 hemlock boards and a 10×12 tarp later is all it took.  It weighs about 30 pounds and is better than any chicken tractor I ever used.

Chicken Hoop House

Chicken tractors are the best way to raise small numbers of chickens.

They are safe, secure and durable.  Great as long as your field is level and you don’t have more than like 2 of them to haul around.  Also – you cannot make a free-range claim.  They’re technically not free-range.

I fence mine in with poultry-net, shelter them in this new shelter I made with the above materials and a tubing bender from Johnny’s and there you go!

So, what is Pastured Poultry?  For me it is free-range, eating the grass and bugs and good drug and hormone-free food and running around plating “I’m bigger than you are!” all day long.

We use this particular breed because they are more humanly bred – no leg problems, good strong hearts and generally great health.   And they really taste better than Great White Lumps


Rhymes with ‘pistols’.Horse Thistle Plant

Unless you are a donkey, in which case it rhymes with ‘breakfast’.

Some folks think they are a nuisance.  The goats and donkey eat them up.  The sheep not so much.

Some of them get really big, especially when they are outside the fence-line (there loose lips cannot reach).

In springtime all the interesting plants come out to play.  Tender and tasty.  The Poison Ivy is gone from our fields – all eaten by the goats.  Wild Brambles?  Gone too.   And a strong fence around the cultivated ones.

If you have scrub to clear, there is nothing than goats, donkeys and some time.

Gotta go move the fence out…

Some of the Boys

The Bigger White Rooster

We have too many roosters.  This poor guy(you’d never know it to look at him now) ran into a buzz saw called Mr. Big a few weeks ago.  Usually the foxes and raccoons limit the population but this year all 6 roosters survived.  We are currently researching Coq Au Vin solutions.

We tried placing him for adoption but all the interested party wanted to know what was wrong with him.  He’s a rooster.  What else do you need to know?