About Webster Ridge

Webster Ridge Farm SignA little bit about Webster Ridge…

Webster Ridge Farm is in Webster NH, a community of 1200, just northwest of the state capitol, Concord. It is quiet and pretty here, yet we are only 90 minutes from Boston.

Small farms in New England are living quilts.

The granite backs us and the stone walls provide the borders. The various
animals, crops, barns, ponds and sheds make up the Farm in snowpatchwork of our lives. The patches fit together in traditional ways, though sometimes the pattern and color surprises us. The forest creeps into the old orchard until you need to look at an aerial photo to see the ghost rings of the apple trees. This variety makes our lives rich and interesting.

Why do we farm?
Ring - Pinky's Daughter
We miss you!

Frankly, we like to eat good food. We will do whatever it takes to choose, grow, process and prepare food that we like and that is right for us. Our circumstances bless us with the ability and will to grow wholesome food that tastes terrific, is a great value and preserves our way of life. This is a commitment to do the right thing for all of us. We eat what we grow. Our fellow farmers do as well. We sell what we eat.
We support  Food Security.
By the way, we know our ingredients and how to cook with them. Be sure to look at our Recipes.

We don’t have a FAQ on our site – just ask – we will tell you! We do have a Statement on Drug Use.

If you want something that we do not see in our Shopping Lists, please ask. We can find most anything. For some things, we will need to refer you (for instance, raw goat’s milk is very tightly regulated).

Come Visit us on the farm!

Pumpkin Hand pies in the foreground and Roasted Tomato Passata
Pumpkin Hand pies in the foreground and Roasted Tomato Passata

We run a secure open farm. You are welcome to knock on our door any time. There are no hazardous chemicals here. Our animals are as comfortable as we can make them, all the time. All the animals are approachable (Once our guard donkey gets to know you). Now, I don’t turn my back on Mr. Goat, but that is just common sense. And all of his kids like to chew trousers.

We manage our bio-security risks very closely so that we do not contribute to health problems. This means that, just as we do, you will disinfect your boots and keep track of where you’ve been. This helps all of us to keep our food supply safe. We hope you help by communicating what you learn here to others.

We sincerely believe that what we do is a major part of homeland security.  Read our thoughts on this!

The Chicks are due soon!If you bring your boots, we will be happy to take you on a wander around the place so you can see what we do, how we do it and why. If you want to learn to raise your own chickens or goats, we will help – we need more folks like you. If you want to pet the ram, we might explain why that might not be a good idea (sometimes he thinks that he’s tough…).

(Directions to our farm.)