Spring has sprung and is quickly moving right into summer, black flies, ticks and all!

The Pear tree is just staring to bloom!
The Pear tree is just staring to bloom!
Finally they decided to come up!
The asparagus finally  decided to come up!
Red Feathered Broiler
These chicks may look ugly now, but they are great foragers enjoying the grass and the bugs!

We are in the middle of May and I  look at the calendar in amazement. Where did the month of April go? Wasn’t there snow on the ground a little while ago? Now all I see is clouds of black flies framed on a light green background.  The landscape is getting greener, the asparagus are coming up and  the chicks are  bigger and look less ugly.  I love this time of year as we have access to our own asparagus,eggs and greens from local farmers and we are enjoying each dish and every bite!

We are moving along with our permanent fencing and have endured black fly attacks ,escaping/leaping sheep and  the ticks  that are trying to make us miserable.

But I wouldn’t give up this time of year for the world. I love the change from the light green,somewhat bleak spring landscape to the green leafy cool of the summer forest. Earlier this week at dusk while I was walking by a neighbors farm and the noise made by the peepers was deafening . At the same time I could here the pair of loons on Walker Pond just south east of our property line. Yes, as my mother would say “Spring has sprung”!

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